"Ye are the light of the World."
(Matthew 5:14)
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WHETHER YOU ARE just beginning your Christian spiritual walk or have traveled it for a lifetime, you have the opportunity to read and study Christ Centered spiritual principles.

The Christian spiritual walk is a journey to your spirituality.  You are an inner pilgrim, journeying into the unknown to the known divine presence. As a Christian, Jesus Christ is your inner guide, teacher, and master.

The books below are your companions on the journey. If you find a particular book or subject difficult, sit with it lightly.  Do the Christ Centered Prayer Practice, and in time, meanings may expand and clarify.

Please note some books include The Christ Centered Prayer Practice (CCP), The Minute Method Practice, or the Heart-Centered Practice. These are the same meditation practice. Different wording is used to allow the practice to be accessible to all as they relate to their needs. 

You are about to enter the Spiritual Heart Center zone. Come, walk with Sandy and Carla through these teachings.

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